Overcome that Plateau

Author: Richelle Morgan PTS, NWS, Fitness Instructor

A Personal Story by Richelle Morgan PTS, NWS

Looking and feeling our best, no matter what age, is something we all hopefully strive to achieve. I was never an overweight child nor did I suffer from any life threatening illnesses that would make physical activity difficult. I was always pretty active growing up and ,luckily, tall and decently proportioned. (Is anyone really happy with the way they look to themselves, though?) I played sports throughout high school and kept active with school and work and the gym in my early twenties. And then it hit! All of sudden, or so it seemed, I was not able to eat whatever I wanted. Being up until 3:00 in the morning and then getting up for school at 8:00 was not as easy. I hit what I refer to as "the wall". At the ripe age of 34 I can now appreciate what happened to my body and feel that I am in better shape, both mentally as well as physically, than I have ever been. Having had many discussions with friends and clients alike, I realized I am not alone. Most of us will hit the wall in our mid to late twenties. Some not until they are in their thirties. For those of you not at that stage yet or are post-"Wall" or simply in denial, here are some symptoms:

-eating ½ a loaded pizza will no longer be 'burned' off by the 5 hours of dancing you did the night before
-the 5 hours of dancing you used to be able to do is now 2 hours(and even that can be pushing it)
-staying up with friends or because there is some great movie on at 2:00am no longer leaves you looking 'dewy and refreshed' in the morning

To overcome the Wall and lose the unexplainable pounds that seem to materialize overnight meant a whole restructuring of my lifestyle. It didn't happen overnight and was not by any means an epiphany. It was a gradual realization that I am getting older and cannot do the things I used to without paying the price.

Having been there myself makes it easier for me to relate to my clients and help them through it. Especially my clients who are women. It can be depressing and disheartening, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. And know that you are not alone! With this in mind I designed a program that seems to work for
It does not mean you have to literally kill your self on the treadmill or elliptical machines, you can still eat what you desire, in moderation, of course and once you see results, it will become a lifestyle for you. One that will energize you, motivate you and inspire you to make this time in your life the best you can be.

-drink lots of water (I know, I know…you've heard it a million times BUT it works!)
-balanced diet (if this is unknown territory to you seek out a nutritionist or trainer to help)
-resistance exercise for 30 minutes 3X/week (full body to start with gradual increase in weight and decrease in reps)
-cardio 3X/week at a moderate intensity (try the treadmill and at 3 minute intervals raise the incline)
-indulge in naps and bubble bathes
-learn to say no
-find a support group
-hire a trainer to keep you focused, motivated and educated
-realize that you truly get better as you get older (who honestly wants to be 16 again????)
-breath, breath, breath!!!!
-if you slip, enjoy the slip and climb back on the next day
-realize that it is not a quick fix, but a lifestyle
-look back on all the things you did in your early twenties and laugh
-know that when you are 50, 60 ….you will still look good!

I look forward to being 35 and knowing that I am in the best shape I have ever been in. I am not training to compete or run a marathon, I am training to keep my mind, body and spirit from becoming old before its time. And with that, I hope to inspire my clients, family and friends to do the same.