Exercising and Youth Stats

Author: Eric Knight, CPT(Canfit Pro), H. Ba. Kin
In today's technologically advanced world children have been placed at risk of health disease and obesity. Latest studies show that:

· Over half of Canadian children and youth aged five to 17 are not active enough for optimal growth and development.
· Canadian girls are less active than boys, with only 38 percent of girls and 48 percent of boys considered active enough.
· Over one-third of Canadian children aged 2 to 11 were overweight in 1998/99, and of these, about half could be considered obese.
· Obese children tend to have an increased risk of becoming overweight in adulthood and with higher morbidity and mortality rates in adulthood.
· Paediatricians are seeing a rise in the incidence of type 2 diabetes, hypertension and diabetes in severely overweight children.
Taken from Health Canada Studies

For many of you, these statistics may seem a bit shocking. There are many contributing factors to these findings. Examples are:

· Eating too much fast food
· Not eating a nutritiously sound diet
· Watching too much television
· Spending too much time on the internet
· No outlets for physical activity
· Lack of time
· Lack of interest

What can you do to help your children become more active?

· Prepare nutritious meals
· Limit television and computer time
· Ask them what activities interest them and see what is available (never force children to partake in an activity that they are not interested in).
· Have a "family fit day" once a week
· Look for playgrounds, arenas, and sport centres that offer children activities
· Make it fun. Remember. Nagging and lectures aren't effective.

Good Luck!