Exercising In Cold Weather

Author: Sarah Marshall, CPT
With winter upon us once again it is time to go over some tips on exercising in below zero temperatures.

 Stay hydrated. Even when it’s cold, you’ll sweat and loose fluid. You must replace it.
 Do a proper warm up. Peak performence requires that your muscles must be warmed up. This can be hard to achieve in cold weather. So the warm up may have yo be more intense and/or longer than in hot weather. Also stay in your warm-ups until you are warmed up.
 Stretch before and after playing. Pay attention to your stretching.
 Wear approproiate clothing, and do not overdress. Use layers with the innermost layer of materials ones that can carry moisture away from your body. This can synthetics or wool, cotton will feel wetter and colder, and if you feel warm as you start you are probably overdressed for ant longer than 1/2 hour.
 Watch out for the wind. The wind often makes the cold seem much worse.
 Be awre of the dangers of frostybite and post exercise hypothermia. Hypothermia can develop rapidly after exercise because heat production has ceased and heat loss due to sweat, etc. is still high. Get covered up and into a warm place, and replace fluids as soon as possible. Knowing the dangers will help prevent them.