Healthy Lifestyles

Author: Sarah Marshall, CPT
Heart disease, and some types of cancer are in large part a result of a certain lifestyle. Lifestyles of eating diets high in certain fats. Nonetheless, fat feels good and it tatses good, and we have it available at every turn. The amount of fat that North Americans consume in salty snacks alone amounts to a couple of billon pounds a year. With the average North American today approximalty 8 pounds heavier than the average 20 years ago, it seems important to address the issue of eatinng healthy.
The best place to start is at home where you control the fat and salt in you r food. Lower fat cooking can be as simple as modifying familiar reciepes without eliminating familair foods (saute vegtables in nonfat chken broth instead of butter or delete half the beef in stew and substitute additional potatoes, mushrooms, and greens).