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How to Become a Skinny Bitch

Skinny Bitches eat SaladWhat is a Skinny Bitch?

A skinny bitch is a woman that appears to always be skinny. No matter what she does, she will always be skinny. People hate her for it, call her names and ultimately the term 'skinny bitch' came out along the way. Skinny bitch or bitches usually have very high metabolisms and can eat what they want. Although not all skinny bitches were skinny in their teens. Some women have worked hard to get where they are today to become honarary skinny bitches.

How do you become a Skinny Bitch?

Skinny bitches have either a lot of 'brown fat', figet often, eat more often (but less amounts), have a smaller stomach, exercise more etc. The point is that you need to mimic their behaviour.


Your Skinny Bitch Workout Plan

Some skinny bitches workout hard and to do this you need to try some sort of circuit training routine. Circuits are great for weight loss and will maintain a high heart rate for the whole workout routine.

Your Skinny Bitch Meal Plan

Eating six times a day, eating foods that speed up your metabolism and making meals that will make it easy to maintain that skinny bitch figure is integral to the skinny bitch plan.

Skinny Bitch Weight Loss Tips

We have put together a list of 71 weight loss tips that will help you become a great skinny bitch.

How many calories do skinny bitches eat?


Well that all depends on their BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). This rate is determined by their thyroid hormone function, muscle mass, and many other factors which we discuss in our article on what factors influence metabolism. We have a calculator to determine how many calories you should be eating to lose weight.

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