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Printable Weight Loss Charts

Printable Weight Loss Chart
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: Rod Ferris CPT, CPAFLA
Date Updated: February 27th, 2014

What is it?

A weight loss chart is a chart that allows someone looking to lose weight the ability to track their progress on a piece of paper. There are a bunch of different types of weight loss charts. Some focus on different things. Some focus on calorie intake tracking and some focus on making sure you check off certain goals for the day. We have tried to do that here with this chart. Our chart has:

1. Current date
Seeing your progress throughout the month will help you isolate where you are going wrong.

2. Current weight
"This study showed that greater weight loss was associated with increased frequency of self-weighing, especially among those who self-weighed at least weekly."


3. If you completed weights today
Lifting weights builds muscle mass and helps increase your BMR. A great workout to start building muscle is a circuit routine like this one.

4. If you did any cardio today
Doing cardio helps increase your V02 Max. It can also reduce body fat. Remember that the best way to reduce abdominal fat in the shortest amount of time is to do a interval training program like this one.

5. 5-6 small meals
Which is better? Eating 3 or 6 meals per day? We have broken this down for you. Please note that research varies on this. The most recent research suggests that it is most important to ingest 20-30 grams of protein 4 times per day to maintain muscle mass.

6. Calorie intake amount

You can use a tool like MyFitnessPal. Those that tracked their daily food records lost twice as much weight as those who did not (link).


7. Eat right?
(This can be a simple yes or no answer)
This is subjective to your own knowledge but if you're printing this out the odds are that you know weather or not you're eating right.

8. Cheat Meal?
Did you have any cheat meals today? Logging these will help you visually see how much you do eat badly.

Where can I download it?

Download the Chart Here

How should I use this?

The best way is to print this out and put it on your fridge. At the end of each day you can write down how you did. Just seeing what you did visually will help you find out where you are going wrong.

Probably the best way to lose weight is to keep track of your progress through a weight lifting or training log book.

Why is this so important?

Keeping a log of your progress has been shown to help adherance to any type of behaviour. This chart can be posted on ones fridge to help encourage a new lifestyle change.


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