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Diet Pills are Unsafe!Is there a way to Lose 10 Pounds Fast?

Losing 10 pounds is hard for a lot of people. They try eating healthier but end up ingesting the same amount of calories as they did before but just better nutrients. Then they wonder why they aren't losing the weight they wanted to. Lets say that they dont eat, why can't they lose the weight? Well, your body goes into storage mode and saves any calories it does get because it's a self protection mechanism thinking that you have no access to food.

Is 10 pounds in 3 days healthy?

I'm sure you know the answer to this but I'll say it anyway. NO. You can't lose 10 pounds of fat in 3 days. What you can do is lose 9 pounds of water weight in 3 days and maybe 1 pound of fat. Taking pills like thermogenics and diuretics will make you lose lots of water in your body which will make you feel light headed and can be dangerous.

Safe effective weight loss

You can lose 1-2 pounds a week of subcultaneous fat (which is the nasty looking stuff). This fat is the stuff your body stores for energy when it needs it. So a safe timeline of losing 10 pounds of fat would be 5 weeks.

How do I lose 10 pounds then?

10 pounds can be safely lost with the following:


1. A solid nutrition plan and cooking from a healthy cookbook
2. A good grocery list
3. A great circuit training workout plan
4. A great HIIT training workout plan
5. Making sure to cut simple sugars out completely and if they are digested only immediately after a hard workout with complete protein.
6. Stop cheating yourself and don't put yourself in those situations (ie. If you can't stop yourself from pigging out at night, dont have the stuff in your place!)
7. Educated yourself with the best weight loss tips

What would happen if I did lose 10 pounds in 3 days?

Ok, so you still want to do it in 3 days don't you. Well you'll be light headed, pretty stupid, your reaction time will decrease and you'll put the water weight back on FAST.

Don't Boxers Lose 10-20 pounds in days?

Yes, they do. They usually put on a garbage bag just before weigh in and go nuts. This is extremely dangerous and they are supervised by a team of people to make sure they dont pass out from dehydration. They also do it for their weigh in and then put the weight back on right after.

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