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The term hair loss can apply to many different conditions such as from mild hair thinning to total baldness. The hair loss problem can occur due to various reasons. It may be due to hereditary, age, stress, nervousness, medications, an occurrence that has caused shock to the body, fungus in the scalp etc.

There are many reasons for hair loss. Some of them are explained here. Smoking creates the blood vessels in your body to get smaller. This blocks the amount of blood that gets to your hair. Due to inadequate blood flow to the hair follicle some hair will die. Diet also plays an important role in hair loss. Eating foods with healthy nutrients will protect your hair with health.

Some times some major surgical operations also create the chance for hair loss. Problems in the thyroid gland can also create hair loss, because the thyroid hormone imbalance can leads to hair loss. So you must consult a doctor if you have this problem. Some fungal attack leads to itching to the scalp and occur hair loss.  Usage of extra hot oil or hair rollers that are too tight may result in stretching and tugging which will injure your hair. Stress is another major cause of hair loss. So chop down your work or actions a little to take care of yourself.

Who does hair loss effect?

The hair loss occurs due to four main problems with the persons. They are genes, stress, trauma and diet. Some other significant categories of hair loss comprise surgery and medication but usually these are short lived issues that can be determined by not taking the medicine or waiting until the surgery restores itself. The categories mentioned are more of a long term diagnosis and must be investigated with an investigative eye. According to researchers the hair loss problem occurs largely based on the situations of the persons. Knowing who you are and your history will absolutely permit you to concentrate on certain treatment applications that might assist you.

What are some topical products for hair loss?

Hair loss is not only a problem of todays but it has existed for centuries. In former times, men and women used a lot of solutions, concoctions and ointments as treatments for their hair loss by applying them on their thinning hair for regrowth.  Today topical hair loss products such as conditioners, special shampoos, Rogaine, various scalp treatments, and cover up products can present a potentially helpful accessory to more functional and verified treatments such as Propecia (finasteride) and or surgical hair restoration.

Today there are a number of topical drugs available in the marketplace but it is better to buy these drugs with doctor's recommendation to keep away any kind of side effects and other redundant damages. One of the most usually doctor prescribed topical hair loss treatments for women is a topical solution that contains 2% of Minoxodil. It is observed that Minoxodil is a accepted drug used by both men and women to stop hair loss. Rogain is another largely used topical solution that needs to be applied 2-3 times every day in order to cut hair loss.

Herbal supplements are very ordinary among those people who are practicing hair loss. The natural supplements have been very efficient in restraining DHT naturally. Natural supplements do not carry any side effects and are very valuable for your health on the whole, not only do they repair your hair loss but also help in strengthening your immune system.

What are some oral drugs prescribed for hair loss?

You must consult a physician before undergoing any hair loss treatment. Propecia and Rogaine are the only two hair loss medicines that are approved by the FDA. Propecia and Rogaine provide adequate results to the patients who are affected with hair loss. These drugs more often act as an ideal alternative to hair transplant surgery. Propecia, the oral medication is used to treat the early stages of hair loss by reducing the amount of hormones that cause hair loss.  Propecia is used exclusively in men and cannot be used in women. 

What is the latest drug research coming out about hair loss?

Hair loss research has been carrying out for years.  Medications, vitamins, shampoos, mousses, and herbs have all been tested in order to try to find the best possible solution, using the latest hair loss research to stop hair loss and promote new hair growth.  Most of these hair loss treatments have not been scientifically proven to have any beneficial effects. The FDA has only approved two prescription drugs for hair loss treatment: minoxidil (Rogaine) and finasteride (Propecia). Both of these hair loss remedies have proven to be effective at reducing hair loss and, in some cases, even growing new hair.

Loniten is the recommendation pill form of minoxidil, which was initially prescribed to treat high blood pressure. It was discovered that one of the side effects of the drug was hair growth. Thus it has lead to the prescription of Loniten as an effective hair loss treatment drug. Ext - Extreme Hair Therapy is a hair loss treatment program offered exclusively through Hair Club for Men and Women. This program combines a variety of hair and scalp treatments, including products containing minoxidil, hair loss shampoo and conditioners, thickening treatments, and more.  Avodart, as with Proscar, is a pill prescribed to men for the treatment of an enlarged prostate. In addition to treating this condition, the active drug in Avodart, dutasteride, has been associated with a decline in the thinning of hair and the growth of new hair in many men.

What are the surgeries available for hair loss?  Do they work?

Surgical hair restoration begins with an evaluation of the donor area, located at the back and sides of the head. Due to the presence of hair follicles that are genetically programmed not to shed, sufficient hair density is needed for flourishing hair transplantation. A tiny portion of tissue is detached from the donor area and is then inserted under magnification into individual follicular units and micro-grafts. After the detailed preparation of the grafts is complete, artistic strategy is used to place them into the thinning or balding areas.

Some hair loss surgeries work very efficiently. If you have a completely bald head due to doing nothing about your hair loss for years and years, then the surgery may work for you. Surgery is adapted for the people who have no other options to flourish their hair.  Based on the cause of your hair loss, you may be able to get away with surgery, but it still makes more sense to stop the hair loss with a natural blocker that ensures it does not continue. Surgery is an option if you are suffering solely from nearly incurable age associated hair loss, but make convinced it is not one of the many hair loss types that are curable when caught early.

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