Definition and Importance of Physical Fitness

What is physical fitness?�

Physical fitness allows you to perform daily activities and face phyiscal and emotional stress during moments of increased intensity. If you are physically fit you have good physical health and mental health.�Being physically fit helps people to perform exercise well in all circumstances despite of age.Therefore, fitness can be explained as a state that allows each and every person to feel, look and perform well in every action they do.

Physical fitness trainers often describe fitness as the capability to carry out day to day functions energetically and vigilantly by keeping extra energy to do other leisure-time activities and emergency needs.

How do I become physically fit?

You can attain physical fitness through participating in any of the regular exercising programs. Lot of health clubs and fitness centers are now available throughout the world. You can avail the services of any health clubs and fitness centers to keep your body fit. There is a list of five components that you have to keep working in optimum levels for good body health including body composition, muscular strength, flexibility, muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance. Almost all fitness programs consist of cardio exercises which can warm up the body to get ready for other exercises. Aerobic exercises such as the treadmill or cycling exercises are often used to warm up the body. Your body fitness depends on how well you execute exercises on the five areas mentioned above. Concentrating only in one or two areas is not beneficial to maintain good physical fitness. It requires a combination of both aerobic and anaerobic exercises to achieve overall fitness.�

Why is it so important?


Physical fitness is one of the most important factors that allow us to lead a healthy and active life. A physical fitness program not only improves the health and power of the body but also the entire life style. Maintaining physical fitness is a difficult task for most of the people because of the pressure and strain that they face daily. A person who is physically fit will be more confident in public places because they feel more comfortable than others who are not fit.

Life Longer

Regular exercise helps you to prevent lot of health problems including heart diseases, diabetes, hypertension and cancer. If you do regular exercise, you can resist the effects of dangerous chemicals like free radicals on your body. Exercise also supports the growth of heart muscles and thereby increases the pumping speed of blood. In a physically fit person the nutrient absorption will be at optimal level, bones grow bigger and faster, and curative process happen quicker than others. Health and fitness of our body can be determined by checking our eating habit, way of living, type and amount of food we eat, the number of times we take food and physical exercise. A right exercise plan is very much essential to keep our body fit, in spite of of our way of life, age or physical ability. We all require a certain amount of the right type of exercise to keep our body healthy, regardless of our way of life, age or physical ability. Physical fitness keeps people in the exact frame of mind and boost metal sharpness and concentration.