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This section allows you to use the tools provided to make a successful lifestyle change.

Tool Description
A questionnaire to help you understand your current lifestyle
A form to help you write down your desired goals
To keep you motivated in your lifestyle change
This guide contains all of these tools and more
Par-Q This is a basic Physcial Active Readiness - Questionnaire
Calculator Description
A test to see your current weight vs. height
A Calculator to see what cardiovascular intensity you should be training at for your desired goals
This calculator will determine the calories that you burn at rest. There is a men's and women's calculator
This calculator will determine your percent body fat using the Behnke and Wilmore method
This calculator will determine your one rep max depending on your reps completed at a submitted weight.
This calculator determines that amount of water required depending on your bodyweight.
This calculator will determine if you are at risk of high blood pressure. Along with many other calculators