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This section of is designed to educate you as to how to go about picking a gym. To the left you can select a gym and it will show you their services and ratings by you, our visitor. Note: You wont be able to see the gym ratings until you pick a city within a province or state.

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How do I pick the right gym in , ?

Im sure you've thought, "Am I going to the right gym? Does it have everything I need?" You should think about these things before you purchase a membership:

1.Write a checklist to what's important to you in a facility.
2.Is it close to your house or work?
3.Is it within your price range?
4.Do they offer the fitness classes you want at the times you can go?
5.Price should be around 35-45 dollars a month for an adult membership.
6.Do they offer free personal training? Do you need it? If not, how much is it?

These are all things you should be considering when joining a facility. If you jump into it without thinking about these things, you probably will not use it. I would suggest that you browse our gym ratings page and then find out which gym is closest to you with the best price and go from there. Good luck training. Remember to write yourself a self-contract to keep yourself using what you've paid for.

What about your own Home Gym System

Home gyms are a great way to keep fit and stay on track when you can't get to the gym, but why not train at home with your own portable 2X2 bag that holds up to 130lbs of resistance? This revolutionary home training system comes with a door, leg and two handles and has high quality aluminum clips.

Do you want to workout at home instead of at the gym? Home gyms are an excellent way to save time and on expensive monthly fees that are necessary to keep the body of your dreams. Here are some questions to ask yourself when purchasing your home gym.

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