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Le gym bodyquest
680 st-catherine west, montreal
Telephone: 514 875-2766

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Results based on 2 votes. Overall Average Rating of: 7.7/10
The average is score is 9
The average is score is 9.5
The average is score is 8.5
The average is score is 5.5
The average is score is 7.5
The average is score is 7.5
The average is score is 7.5
The average is score is 7.5
The average is score is 7.5
The average is score is 7.5
The average is score is 7.5
The average is score is 7.5
The average is score is 7.5
The average is score is 7.5
The average is score is 8
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1. Customer Service 2 Equipment Status 3. Cleanliness 4. Mirrors 5. Ab/Stretch Area 6. Water Fountains 7. Bathrooms 8. Changerooms 9. Parking 10. Lighting 11. Music 12. Accessories 13. Friendliness 14. How Busy is it? 15. Payment Plans

Member Reviews

5/10 5.4/105.4/105.4/105.4/105.4/105.4/105.4/105.4/105.4/105.4/10

Reviewer: The_Mage

Date: 8/6/2015

Cost of membership: varies
Pros: equipment is new
Cons: Membership price plans change daily in newspaper ads
Thoughts:Make a yearly price plan and stick with it.
The best gym in the city is (and why):

10/10 10/1010/1010/1010/1010/1010/1010/1010/1010/1010/10

Reviewer: Gavin

Date: 9/18/2009

I love this place. Real hard core dudes. Just great!

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This health club has the following services. This information is filled out by members that have visited these facilities. It may be inaccurate.
  • This facility also provides a nutrition center to fuel up before, during or after a workout.
  • There are 2 beds available.
  • There are personal trainers available to help you achieve your goal
  • Towel service is available. This allows you to get a fresh towels before and after a good sweat.
  • Massage therapists are on site.
  • Free weights are on site.
  • Machines are present. Machines are great for beginners and restrict form to working the proper muscles.
  • There is approximately 10000 square feet available.
  • There are approximately 8 treadmills.
  • 2 rowing machines.
  • 6 steppers.
  • 8 elliptical machines.
  • Open approximately 168 hours.
  • 10 bikes.
  • This facility has air conditioning.

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