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Club Santé Fit For Life
7503 ST LAURENT,, Montreal
Telephone: (514) 271-5000

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The average is score is 4.42
The average is score is 4.58
The average is score is 5.82
The average is score is 5.66
The average is score is 5.29
The average is score is 5.55
The average is score is 5.03
The average is score is 5.47
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Member Reviews

4/10 4.2/104.2/104.2/104.2/104.2/104.2/104.2/104.2/104.2/104.2/10

Reviewer: Tim

Date: 5/27/2016

Membership is very cheap but so is the gym. Dirty, smelly and looks gangster. I see guys doing deals at the front counter with some gangster guy. Parking is bad any time you go. Food used to be fresh cooked and delicious. Now its raw and not good at all. Chicken is disgusting. I used to see the girl cooking all the time and was so good. Now its just not the same. Not worth the money

3/10 3.47/103.47/103.47/103.47/103.47/103.47/103.47/103.47/103.47/103.47/10

Reviewer: Jose

Date: 5/27/2016

I really find the gym has degraded threw out the years. used to have really great regular staff members. Now always new kids working. They are not to friendly and always on their phones. Esp the one with the France accent. Food used to be restaurant quality when the Asian girl was cooking. Now its horrible. I once had hair in my plate and chicken was raw. Notticed the new kitchen manager touching food with his hands! Never eating there again. Its disgusting

5/10 5/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/10

Reviewer: dima84

Date: 3/1/2016

the only good thing about this place is that it's open 24/7. Yes the staff is cool but you can't hang out with them cause they are working.. Everything else about this place is ghetto. The gym smells, the lockers are broken and parking is always an issue.

10/10 10/1010/1010/1010/1010/1010/1010/1010/1010/1010/10

Reviewer: Avedis

Date: 3/5/2015

Cost of membership: A+
Pros: Complete Facility
Cons: Busy
Thoughts: Awesome Workout
The best gym in the city is (and why): electric ambiance and great workouts

7/10 7.33/107.33/107.33/107.33/107.33/107.33/107.33/107.33/107.33/107.33/10

Reviewer: Charles Rainville

Date: 1/1/2015

Pros: open 24hrs.
Cons: Beware of new dress code: no tank tops allowed!
Stand up for your rights and demand that management end this stupid and snobbish rule! Neighborhood is gentrifying: watch out for arrogant new condo owners taking control!

9/10 9.33/109.33/109.33/109.33/109.33/109.33/109.33/109.33/109.33/109.33/10

Reviewer: Kristina

Date: 8/22/2012

I've been a member for a year now and I am very satisfied with it. They have a great variety of classes, huge amounts of machines so I never have to wait for one. The staff is very helpful and friendly. The bathrooms and changing rooms are so clean and brand new, it's better than what half of the people have in their own houses. And best of all the gym membership is not even expensive for all you get with it. They have a gym upstairs for women only and it makes me feel so comfortable, and when it closes I can use the one downstairs if I come at night, so it's super convenient!

9/10 9.27/109.27/109.27/109.27/109.27/109.27/109.27/109.27/109.27/109.27/10

Reviewer: Jessica

Date: 8/17/2012

Cost of membership:
Pros: brand new womens gym. Best womensonly gym in Montreal by far after visiting a few. Everything is brand new, even the machines. Very pleasant atmosphere to work out in.
Cons: there is no parking but 99% of the time you will find parking available on the streets around the gym.
The best gym in the city is (and why): I don't understand some of the comments below because since I joined this gym a month ago, I haven't encountered any "unpleasant" staff members. Everybody that works there is , on the opposite, very friendly. Greg has been extremely helpful in preparing me a cardio program. And I can assure you that This gyms membership cost is def unbeatable. I am more than happy that I have joined.

5/10 5/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/10

Reviewer: theysticklikeaglue

Date: 6/14/2012

This place is the joke of montreal gyms. All the people are Arnold all the girls are always afraid and the people there so afraid watch over their shoulders every minute, you go shower next minute you have 10 ten girls glued around you. The manager thinks hes hot. He's really nothing great at all. Parking is bad, Bathrooms are very dirty, Clients have no class. I agree training in an allee way with a jump rope would be much better than working out in that garbage dump. You guys really suck

9/10 8.87/108.87/108.87/108.87/108.87/108.87/108.87/108.87/108.87/108.87/10

Reviewer: mathieu landry

Date: 6/1/2012

Cost of membership:
The best gym in the city is (and why):

Jai fais plusieur gym et sa fait 5ans que je suis au meme gym et je vais rester la pour longtemps, cest toujours ouvert cest un bon gym.

9/10 8.67/108.67/108.67/108.67/108.67/108.67/108.67/108.67/108.67/108.67/10

Reviewer: sattar

Date: 5/9/2012

okay seriously. the biggest gym i have ever seen in my entire life. they have like 50 copies of each machine! the first thing that struck me (before even going in) were the huge glass windows, giving the gym such a great open feeling which is really important to making you feel like you're not stuck inside somewhere and lets in so much light into the gym during the day. what i seriously love as well, and this may go unnoticed at times, is the abundance of aerobic machines, meaning that i can do whatever i want, whenever i want all the time without having to rearrange my workout. and what's even better is that every single machine pretty much has a tv. it makes such a big difference on my workout having that, cause i can run an extra half hour without even feeling it while i watch something! the new ladies only section is great too, my girlfriend liked that it was more private and had machines more geared towards women. they also have a really really handy cafeteria with super healthy yet, believe it or not, delicious meals that are all made by the resident chef (see, i told you the place is HUGE). what really gets me is the price. for all the space, equipment, cafeteria AND included classes its by far the cheapest gym i've come across, with other gyms at least 600% more expensive.

Reviewer: MyFit Admin

Warning: It appears that there are some 'fake reviews' on this gym. Please be careful when assessing this gym. Gyms that stuff the ballot box will not be tolerated and reviews will be deleted.

7/10 6.87/106.87/106.87/106.87/106.87/106.87/106.87/106.87/106.87/106.87/10

Reviewer: Spiro

Date: 2/24/2012

Who cares about the staff?
Just go there for your work out and do what you have to do.
They don't work there to hear your life story.
If you need someone to talk to just call your mom.
They will give you service and that's it bye bye

1/10 1/101/101/101/101/101/101/101/101/101/10

Reviewer: Anne Marie

Date: 2/16/2012

Every thing they tell you is a lie! They say so much bullshit to make you sign up and its all false! They told me if I was not happy i could get refunded. I never got my money! It is down right dirty and it smells. The clients are pigs. Not all but many. I got a towel from the front desk and it had a brown stain on it. OMG! I just had to leave that place.

5/10 5.2/105.2/105.2/105.2/105.2/105.2/105.2/105.2/105.2/105.2/10

Reviewer: Lora

Date: 4/25/2011

Cost of membership:ok Pros:
The best gym in the city is (and why):
Lots of theft and I have informed the stuff so far nobody called me back lots of gyms and sport facilities offered lockers with the lock build in;I guess I am not going to recomen anyone anymore (I ve brought 2 of my friends there but now I regret )and if somebody asks about the gym I am telling them that the theft it's hi and nobody cares

5/10 5/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/10

Reviewer: Leroy

Date: 11/15/2010

I always had great proffesional help and a good experience from all the trainers from the gym. They are very knowledgable and humble. The price is right but you do have your share of dirt bags. But then again. Where dont you have dirt bags.

2/10 2.2/102.2/102.2/102.2/102.2/102.2/102.2/102.2/102.2/102.2/10

Reviewer: Denis

Date: 10/10/2010

Iv recently signed up for a good price. I had no motivation to go because there is way too many people training at certain times. I needed help but the trainer is always training the same woman every time I go and when I tried to ask him someting he got all crazy and mad like he wanted to kill me. I still dont know what to do because I cant get any service to help me with my exercises. The chubby guy working in the front is really cool.

3/10 3/103/103/103/103/103/103/103/103/103/10

Reviewer: Peter

Date: 9/1/2010

I recently signed up for a year cause it was such a good deal. I later learned why it was so cheap. The change rooms smell like sweat and human waist. The clients have no manners and just leave everything lying around on the ground. The machines are older then my dad but most of all Im sure there are some real bad street gang members who work out at that place. The police has been there numerous times. This is not a good place to work out let alone a safe place.

5/10 5.27/105.27/105.27/105.27/105.27/105.27/105.27/105.27/105.27/105.27/10

Reviewer: normal guy

Date: 8/22/2010

I think the gym is OK. there was trouble and police came very quickly. The people is friendly unlike those gyms that u kinda need to look pro to feel confortable. All kinds of people: students,parents,ganstas,etc. they all get along in this gym. you dont need to share your machine in this gym, which is awesome. Is very close to the subway station. there's alot of LCD's. staff looks friendly. the salads are good. the only thing that sucks in this gym is the smell in the showers :(. the rest is ok, is not so expensive and they give free towel at the entrance. they should put more heat in the sauna but is ok still. this is my first year and I think I'll be here for another year.

5/10 5/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/10

Reviewer: Sam

Date: 7/25/2010

Would anyone happen to know the name of guy behind the counter who works the graveyard shift friday night until Saturday morning if i'm not mistaken he's portuguese.

4/10 3.73/103.73/103.73/103.73/103.73/103.73/103.73/103.73/103.73/103.73/10

Reviewer: Gymstar

Date: 12/4/2009

I am here for almost 4 years now. I srsly hate those idiots in the counter, the owners Fabio, the greek idiot, the only nice person in the counter was Isabella, she left, now the unhappy attitude girls are left. The best thing I found is the clients, though ppl would say classless, I would say funny type and very nice if you talk wid them, gets very friendly, yes yes 100% agreed the toilet sucks, i change my clothes from home. The only reason i like it is because of the people, some guys are too funny and friendly, but the administration sucks big time, I never talk with those assholes or ask anything

3/10 2.93/102.93/102.93/102.93/102.93/102.93/102.93/102.93/102.93/102.93/10

Reviewer: Marie

Date: 11/26/2009

The clients seem to be very nice but many have no class and sanitation. The staff dont seem to care much about you once you have signed up. The sauna is a bacteria heaven and the bathrooms smell really bad. The food is really good and so are the classes. Parking is horrific unless you drive a scooter. Machines are all broken and soo old and out dated. It is impossible to get a treadmill or any machine at many times.

3/10 3.33/103.33/103.33/103.33/103.33/103.33/103.33/103.33/103.33/103.33/10

Reviewer: Arturo

Date: 11/4/2009

There's the good, the bad and the ugly...and this place is def the ugly. Everyone has there preferences but trust me, do yourself a favor and look for a proper gym. What does it matter if there's a dj at go to train, that's what an ipod is for. And the attitude, well if running a gym is your thing, than attitude shouldn't me I've switched and I SEE THE DIFFERENCE. What a waste of money and energy fit for life was!

5/10 5.4/105.4/105.4/105.4/105.4/105.4/105.4/105.4/105.4/105.4/10

Reviewer: pat

Date: 10/31/2009

..iv'e ben in a lots of gym.. this one is OK.. not the best but defenitively not the worst. staff is fine, client are.. of the special funny kind ..GANSTA lol..lots of attitude.. then again wich gym does not.. if u have a problem with gym attitude then maybe your place is at NAUTILUS or ENRGIE is ok and most of the juice bar girls are nice ... IT IS multicultural ,a lot. and to finish.. i have rarely met a gym owner that does not have a little attitude .. so yes i had fun training there but be advise that its a little ghetto..ish

9/10 8.6/108.6/108.6/108.6/108.6/108.6/108.6/108.6/108.6/108.6/10

Reviewer: Tatianna

Date: 9/18/2009

I really feel like this gym is greatand obviously some people from other gyms would have to slander the gym to get people to try their gym.
The Gym is huge, it has everything I needed. I train every day and for a 24 hr gym, it is very clean ( which was one of the reasons I joined).
It does get quite busy in the afternoons, but I guess that means people like it there.
I can't get where the negative comments come from. Everyone I know that trains there loves it. They have aerobics classes all the time, spinning classes everyday ( sometimes 5 times a day!).
Just love being greeted by the staff, and the management and owners are always around. ( they seem to like what they do)
thumbs up for me.

3/10 3.4/103.4/103.4/103.4/103.4/103.4/103.4/103.4/103.4/103.4/10

Reviewer: malakias

Date: 9/10/2009

there i knew there was something wrong.that i was eating skata made by a magissa.5 times is the total that i vomit.chicken with blood inside,meat ballllz made of morocain skata,fish that is getthing green from 6 days ago,muffins that i have d pleasure 2 see flys fithing between each my lord ass put a real cook and not a scandalous mouth.that ZOO,plenty of spicks,monkeys and chamels.2 kinds of toilete normal and the other is the towel that they give u.dirty cleaners,espacialy and only one GHANDI.I HOPE THAT IS STILL NOT THE SAME CRAP FROM AFTER ONE LEATER

9/10 9.2/109.2/109.2/109.2/109.2/109.2/109.2/109.2/109.2/109.2/10

Reviewer: The Gym Rat

Date: 9/7/2009

Well obviously the people leaving these messages are not professonal and seem to me like they have issues,one them talking about manager being hot and the other talking about IQ OF THE OWNERS SOUND LIKE PLAIN JEALOUSY TO ME.So i travel around alot and would say i have memberships in about 12 gyms hence the name but FIT FOR LIFE is in my top three the people there are incrediable and the ambiance unreal,and everytime ive been there theres always someone cleaning its hard to be spotless when u have that much traffic going threw a place.Most of all the music is Sick they even have a DJ there at night dont really know what these people are talking about but i move around alot and this place gets my thumbs up,have a nice day

1/10 1.07/101.07/101.07/101.07/101.07/101.07/101.07/101.07/101.07/101.07/10

Reviewer: Erica

Date: 9/5/2009

This place is the joke of montreal gyms. The manager thinks hes hot. He's really nothing great at all. Parking is bad, Bathrooms are very dirty, Clients have no class. I agree training in an allee way with a jump rope would be much better than working out in that garbage dump. You guys really suck

8/10 8.2/108.2/108.2/108.2/108.2/108.2/108.2/108.2/108.2/108.2/10

Reviewer: lys

Date: 9/4/2009

2/10 2.33/102.33/102.33/102.33/102.33/102.33/102.33/102.33/102.33/102.33/10

Reviewer: Glue

Date: 9/3/2009

I rather work out with a can of beans and a skipping rope in an alleyway. ROTTEN PLACE, ROTTEN ATTITUDE!

1/10 1/101/101/101/101/101/101/101/101/101/10

Reviewer: Lee

Date: 8/30/2009

It is the dirtiest gym I have ever seen. The bathrooms are terrible. The music sucks and the management are so dumb! got to go see it to believe it.

4/10 4.47/104.47/104.47/104.47/104.47/104.47/104.47/104.47/104.47/104.47/10

Reviewer: GM

Date: 8/21/2009

BE CAREFUL with your items, BREAK INS are common in the locker rooms and management does nothing about security. Police station down the street stated they regularily receive reports about stolen items from those attending the gym.

1/10 1/101/101/101/101/101/101/101/101/101/10

Reviewer: Gavin

Date: 8/18/2009

The managment are such liars on there services. They would suck you just to sell a membership. The place is full of good for nothing losers that a zoo would not let in. The owners and partners have the I.Q. of a golf ball. Please do not go there. Its a dump!

3/10 3.47/103.47/103.47/103.47/103.47/103.47/103.47/103.47/103.47/103.47/10

Reviewer: mivahn

Date: 6/22/2009

Owner is major jerk, staff thinks they're in the mafia (who knows maybe they are) and they all act like a bunch of gorillas with grade 2 education and manners.

9/10 9.2/109.2/109.2/109.2/109.2/109.2/109.2/109.2/109.2/109.2/10

Reviewer: SANDRA

Date: 11/4/2008


7/10 6.53/106.53/106.53/106.53/106.53/106.53/106.53/106.53/106.53/106.53/10

Reviewer: ninide

Date: 8/3/2008

a lot of people but good music, a lot of machines
good for woman

5/10 5/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/10


Date: 6/19/2008

4/10 4.07/104.07/104.07/104.07/104.07/104.07/104.07/104.07/104.07/104.07/10

Reviewer: john

Date: 6/14/2008

too much people, smell not good, no parking

5/10 5/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/105/10

Reviewer: Gousseva

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