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Pure Fitness
Deiry Rd, Milton

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The average is score is 5.67
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The average is score is 3.33
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The average is score is 5.67
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Reviewer: Darcy

Date: 2/17/2010

This place is a scam. Bought a membership three weeks ago and today there is a notice on the door stating the locks to the building have been changed. The whole building was cleaned out overnight and now is empty. Obviously the owners weren't paying their rent. Now I am out money and a couple other members who showed up while I was in the parking lot are also in disbelief. No warning...no courtesy notices advising they would be closing. Instead they clean the place out overnight like the cowards they are and ripped off everybody. 100% crooks who didn't have the balls to let their members know they were going under.

6/10 5.93/105.93/105.93/105.93/105.93/105.93/105.93/105.93/105.93/105.93/10

Reviewer: biff

Date: 12/12/2009

I have been a member of Pur Fitness for over two years, but will not be renewing my membership in the future.

Men's steam room was down for over 4 months manager refused to return calls or inquiries. This place is not concerned with the health and well being of it's members. Bathrooms were NASTY shower stall doors broken, shower heads missing, hair & mildew in every corner of each stall. On the gym floor, paper towels & disinfectant bottles (to wipe down equiptment) were always empty. Overall, the facility has been negelected. Apparently, a lot of money was invested in an MMA fighting/training area in the back. If you're just there to work out, this is definitely not a place that I would recommend.

8/10 7.8/107.8/107.8/107.8/107.8/107.8/107.8/107.8/107.8/107.8/10

Reviewer: Rabia

Date: 12/28/2008

I didn't use the bathrooms there but they do have a sauna room. Never tried it though. Suits my needs which are basic: elliptical, weights, and a space to do some yoga. They have classes but not too many, so instructors come out! I'd love to do latin or some dance class workout there.

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