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how can i get bigger shoulders? I try to do heavy weights with 6 reps but my neck and back hurts when i do it because i have no support. My workout bench is mostly intended for abs and chest exercises. I can do 12 reps with light weights and it wont hurt my neck. When i do only right arm or only left arm, it doesnt hurt as much. For example 6 reps with right arm, then 6 reps with left. Does it still have the same effect?


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9/23/2003 12:52:32 PM
I'll let the others and the rest of the website (excellent exercise database!) discuss exercises but it sounds to me like you are exercising at home. Can you push your bench up against the wall and use the wall to support your upper back and neck? If you are worried about the wall, put a foam pad behind your back and that might protect you and it a little. Remember its quality over quantity even with heavy weights. Try decreasing the weight a little so you are sure you have proper form and then work on increasing the weight. Hope that helps!

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