Body Building | If anyone could answer these questions about muscle gain?

Hi, I'm an Australian High School Student in my final year and as my final project i have chosen to do a project about muscle gain in the upper body. As part of my project i have to construct some questions to be answered by a source. This is site i come reguarly to for exercises, so i was wondering if someone could take the time and answer the questions?

Thanks in advance,
1.How important is stretching before and after a vigorous workout?
2.Is cardiovascular activity recommended for a workout? If so, before, during or after?
3.Is it recommended to do a warm-up set?
4.Is working until fatigue (on a particular muscle) needed for muscle gain?
5.What is better? Doing more reps on a low weight, or less reps on a heavier weight?
6.How often should you weight train if muscle growth is your goal?
7.Do you have to stop eating most foods to build upper body strength?
8.What type of diet (e.g. high in protein, calories etc) is recommended for upper body muscle gain?
9.What types of foods should be avoided for maximum muscle gain?
10.What types of foods should be consumed for maximum muscle gain?
11.What can delay muscle growth?
12.What other tricks or hints (if any) can assist in muscle growth?
13.How important is muscle recovery?
14.How long should you be training to start to see results?
15.Is there a recommended number for who many times you should visit the gym a week?


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5/4/2012 12:00:36 PM

I am no expert but by my experience:

1. It is SUPER IMPORTANT because you do not want
to strain your muscles with heavy weights and also
you want to stretch after workout so as to release
the tension form heavy weight lifting. If you are
doing cardio, then you wanna do stretching for
flexibility in your body

2. you can do it whenever you want. I personally
prefer having a separate day set aside for cardio in
my routine, but some prefer doing 10 or 20 minute
cardio before or after work out, you may also do
some cardio (like cycling) for active rest between
exercises focusing on different muscle groups

3. yes, If you do stretching and warm up, then no
need for warm-up set

4. depends on your endurance, but always listen to
your body, doing too much can and will do more
harm than good and may even lead to muscle tissue
death (google it, hard to explain totally here)

5. depends on your focus, if you are focused on
increasing muscle mass, do heavy weight, less reps

and I am tired of typing for now... will update soon
with your other 10 questions, lol

Personal Trainer
5/29/2011 7:48:43 PM
Hi there,

You've asked a lot of questions there. Are we doing your project for you? :)

1. Before exercise dynamic stretching should be performed (not static). After a workout static stretching should be your preferred method of stretching and is extremely important.
2. This depends on the goal. If you are training to gain muscle and lose fat than you will want your glycogen available for weight training and then burning your fat with HIIT.
3. Yes, it helps increase 'synovial fluid' to the joint which protects the muscle during the exercise. However, if your body is quite 'warm' from a very active warm up you may not need one.
4. There are several schools of thought on this one. I'm sure you could use to do some more detailed studies on this but from the schools of thought I subscribe to: Yes, training to failure, and then dropping weight helps recruits more muscle fibers that may not have been torn down.
5. Periodization is the name of the game but keeping your focus on around 6-8 reps. You should focus around that rep range as it has been shown to produce the most hypertrophy. Periodization will help reduce any plateaus you may receive.
6. Some believe you can train as little as 3-4 times per week but I believe in breaking down all the muscle tissue requires around 5 days per week and a split routine.
7. Stop eating high fat: yes. Stop eating most foods? No. Muscle building foods is all about nutrient timing.
8. Please see our nutrition section. Generally 30-35-35 (fats-protein-carbs) is your best best for muscle building.
9. High sugar empty calories like pop and even juice.
10. No secret here, high protein foods, good fats, and complex carbs..
11. Overtraining, poor nutrient timing, light intensity low volume workouts and perhaps the most important ... Not enough protein.
12. Using a good split routine with periodization, pyramids, drop sets and an awesome meal plan with great nutrient timing should be your best friends.
13. It's everything
14. Seeing results depends on how fat/muscular you were before. You can change your body around 2-3 pounds a week. Would you notice 5 pounds? Probably.... So two weeks.
15. For pure muscle growth: 5-6 times per week.

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