Body Building | Best exercise(s) to jump higher??

i was wondering if anyone could tell me what the best excercise(s) are for someone to jump higher, mainly for basketball. I do lift weights but I want to add excercises that will help me jump higher.

Can anyone recommend any?

leg curls, squats, walking around with ankle weights?



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4/20/2008 1:30:19 PM
If you decide to walk around with ankle weights make sure you consult with your doctor first because you may get a water on the knee. It's probably not likely (just from walking around) but it's posible.

Jump rope should also be your best friend. Trying to jump more and more when you play basketball. Grab more rebounds, try to block your opponents shots, practice jump shots and things like that.

Hey, if you can dunk, it's even better, you know what I mean:)?

Also, don't be easily discouraged if you notice that you haven't made any significant progress. Just keep focusing, do your things and progress will follow.


9/7/2006 7:04:27 PM
Try jump squats and sissy squats.

9/17/2005 9:48:29 AM
Olympic lifts are also an excellent choice for this--hang cleans, power cleans, push press, and split jerk. These will develop a great deal of structral power.

Personal Trainer
6/21/2005 7:03:10 AM
Obviously any exercise that uses the same muscle group that is used in jumping will be beneficial.

Plyometrics should be your best friend. Read the overview in the free article section then look in the exercise database and pick the jumping exercises.

ie. Two Foot Standing Jump, Box Jumps, skipping, squats, leg press, standing calves... make sure when you do these exercises you EXPLODE up and then slowly take the weight down (not for plyo's but everything else). You want to work on being extremely powerful. Work your hip flexors, calves, quads, hamstrings, shoulders (to pump your arm up to jump).

Good Luck,


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