Body Building | Bench press with bb, db?

wat are the differnces between using barbells and using dumbells for bench press? different effects?


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Myfit Expert
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10/13/2003 2:58:48 PM
Alternate every 3 weeks, so your body doesn't get used to the same exercise.

Myfit Expert
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10/13/2003 12:36:10 PM
You may want to try alternating between dumbbells and barbells on your chest days. Dumbbells are great b/c of the increased range of motion and the fact that one chest muscle cannot compensate for the other. Barbells are great because you can lift more weight and it is easier for a spotter to help you lift on a heavier set. Good luck!

10/12/2003 11:39:06 PM
I was just wondering which one is better barbell or dumbell? Or is it better just to do both.

Myfit Expert
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10/9/2003 9:21:08 PM
The differences (and someone add more if there are any) are that with dumbells you have more variation of movement, isolation of pecs (in other words, each pec does the work, whereas with barbell one pec might be pushing harder than the other), and finally, dbs are safer and you do not need a spotter! I mean, you won't choke when the bar falls on your chest.

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