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will ab exercises burn fat off your stomach? i dont have a lot of fat there...just like a tiny bit...but it keeps me bak from completely shaping my abs. Also, what are some lower ab exercises that dont require as much leg strength. My legs are weak but on certain days when i work out my abs i feel my legs a lot more. Sometimes on other days my legs feel fine and i get a good ab workout. Thanks


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Personal Trainer
9/11/2003 7:36:36 AM
Dear Guest,

Abdominal exercises will build up muscle on your abs which will in turn burn more calories per day which can lead to taking fat off your stomach. However, You cannot spot reduce! Where ever your body decides to burn its fat first is where you will see results first. Remember, the best way to reduce body fat is to have a negative caloric balance and increase your lean body mass to help keep increase the calories that you burn at rest.

You may be feeling it in your legs doing full situps. If your legs are too sore try crunches:

Thank you for your question,


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