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Hello All!

I'm new to this forum and weight training.
My background. I'm 31, 6'4 and 215. Most of my weight is around my mid section and chest. I used to run 5K a day up until 1999 when I had a spontaneous lung collapse. Doc said that if it doesn't reccur in this first year, then chances are it won't. Knock on wood, it hasn't. But now since I have stopped running I have developed a spare tire and possibly Gyno (man boobies). I don't believe it is actual man breast but a example of not exercising anymore. I recently have had enough and have been hitting the gym 6 nights a week. I have actually began to notice a difference in the last two weeks. My questions are as follows:
1. Can working out lead to another lung collapse? I am currently working with comfortable weight and not anything excessive. Has anyone had this experience with pneumothorax (lung collapse) and weight training?

2. What is the best approach? I am looking to get to a respectable shape by summer. NO spare tire or man breast with a little definition. I have visited a few forums and some say hit the weights hard 4-8 reps with max weight possible and some say stay the course with comfortable weights and spread it around? I am aiming at my upper body because my legs are still in very good shape from my running days?

Any suggestions or comments with be greatly appreciated.


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