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I trave 5 days a week out of 50 weeks. I live on airport, hotel and restaurant foods pretty much all week and am hardly home for enough time to make some good healthy food.

Since I'm not getting any youger (42), the weight is just piling on. I've looked at many diets and seems that there is nothing really out there for the constant traveller. Anything you recommend food wise other than the regular rabbit food (salad)? My exercising is mainly running around airports.



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9/23/2011 8:37:39 AM
is it any connection of Travel And Diet?
Please reply...

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12/2/2010 4:32:06 PM
Yep it's tough manage your weight when you are always traveling. The trouble is it's hard to know what in the food your are eating when you get it from prepared sources (restaurants). I wrote an article with some tips about how to manage proper nutrition and weight mgmt for travelers.

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11/23/2010 4:55:07 PM
My suggestion for easy weigh loss & portability is Protein meal replacement shakes. These can be better than any meal you will get at an airport, the powder can be carried in small containers & you just add milk/water. Easy, simple & great for weight loss. And the more protein you add the longer you will feel satisfied & less likely to binge on sweet snacks.


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11/23/2010 9:25:09 AM
It's funny no one has replied to this question. But what I recommend is to have consistent meals throughout the day. If you eat smaller portions and spread them through your day, you will increase your metabolism.

Also, drink water instead of your typical soda or caffeinated beverage. Alcohol is never good for any diet.

If you don't like salads, how about sandwiches? Try to eat wheat bread, no cheese or bacon, and lots of veggies. If you're in such a hurry since you're always in the airport, make sure you take your daily vitamins and possibly grab an RTD such as muscle milk to give you enough nutrional value.

Also, small snacks are good. Possibly eat some fruits, yogurts, plain cereal, crackers, etc. Stay away from the junk food!

I'm pretty sure with a job that requires you to travel a lot, they might cover your food expenses and will have plenty of cash to burn.

Be consistent in your eating habits and control your crave! It's hard, but everyone can do it. Just be determined and focused.

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