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Have a chance to buy a used Total Gym machine- Can the excercises on this machine compare to free wights and gym visits using stand alone equipment.


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11/19/2009 6:00:09 AM
Hi, I personally do not recommend total gyms over an actual gym. These machines restrict range of motion. There are some good ones like the high end bowflex machines but even they will not top free weights. I can teach you all about getting results if you would like though. I could teach you to get better results even without a gym (gym would help). Before i help you with exercises you should read my article about eating to maintain and gain muscle while reducing body fat percentage. :
Also as a quick tip just in case you don't read my articles and such. Use workouts that provide large ranges of motion, like a deadlift highpull or if your advanced do my favourite, deadlift to high pull snatch to squat to press up. A mouthful and one of the hardest workouts of all time, but the results are undeniable. These combination workouts done with proper form and rep/set amounts naturally raise your testosterone and HGH to assist in development of muscle structure. Hope this helped.

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