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Hi there,

Since 2 weeks I'm using MyFit app.
I have started using the 3 days muscle mass lvl 1 routine. I have made some change to the routine and since then I kept logs for everything I did. Workouts, skiing/snowboarding, work and running etc.

At the begin I got a 20 for MyFit score. but since 3 days it gave me above 60 score. I think it's a bit to high. It also tells me this:

MyFit score 68
VO2 Max
You scored superior on your VO2 Max. You should be a coach to your family and friends to spread your knowledge about cardiovascular fitness.
You are working out a lot lately (6 times). This is the fastest way to change your body. Just keep in mind that working out too much can also put you at risk for injury. Listen to your body, if it is telling you to take a break... Do it.
Waist Measurement
You do not have a waist value to compare to or your waist measurement did not change. Try incorporating more cardio time and high intensity interval training into your routines. Remember that actually losing subcultaneous abdominal fat requires ditching the beer, late night snacking and having protein, good fats and vegetables at every meal. Also, try and time your carbohydrates around your workout. This will make a big change around your waist.
Exercise Volume
Good. Your exercise volume was a total of 27186.199588776 lbs. Try and get above 30000lbs per week to get a better MyFit Score. It will drastically help change your body composition with this much weight lifting.
Your total exercise volume difference was 81.7 %. This is really great. You are going to improve your body very quickly if you keep this up. This is the maximum you can score on exercise volume improvement for the MyFit Score (a total of 10%).
Total Calories Burned
You burned approximately 1362Kcal in 6 days while lifting weights. You also burned 16848 Kcal while doing cardio. This came to an average total of 3035 KCal per workout session.
Cardio Time
Excellent! Your total cardio time was 1685 minutes. You should be improving your V02 Max, body composition and overall health.
You do not have two weeks of cardio data to compare to.


I don't know what went wrong. But It's true I gave it all at the gym. Everyday I'm tiered to death haha

should I trust this results?



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12/10/2012 3:07:45 AM
This routine has served me well for over
the last 5 years and can be done in a
single or multiple sets, Also can be done
in any order....

Personal Trainer
10/21/2012 8:15:47 PM
Yes. :)

Your score is based on a lot of factors. Keep up
with everything you're doing it will help improve
your body. It's tough to keep up a high myfit
score as it's based on increasing your weights
and cardio time.

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10/21/2012 5:29:46 AM
1 more link:
hope it works

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