Body Building | Sex effects on exercise

Does having sex before a workout or a competition
really have an bad effect on your excercise?


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6/12/2006 8:45:50 PM
i guess it has a bad effect dude, you need to fully rest before a competition, i know having sex makes you relax but after having sex, there are times when you can feel pain and some body aches, which would be bad if you got would workout or a competition.

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4/7/2006 9:27:49 PM
I think i agree with you..

Myfit Expert
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1/20/2003 4:41:38 PM
Believe or not, there is no scientific proof that sex has a bad effect on a next day competition. Muhammad Ali has been quoted for saying that he went without sex for several weeks prior to a big match. Poor guy, there's no proof that says he should. In fact, having sex the night before a match may help you relax. Most athletes get nervous the night before a big competition and therefore spend most of the night tossing and turning. Due to its psychological effects, athletes who do have sex the night before competing, end up having more peaceful sleeps. And a well rested athlete is a good athlete!

If you're talking about having sex right before a competition, then that's different. Remember that sex is a physical activity and requires calories. Of course, on average, it only requires about 4 calories per minute. However, if your competition or workout is going to be intense, you will need all the energy you can spare. so for this scenario, you are best to wait until after the match to celebrate.

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