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Im new to weight lifting and dont really know which body parts to work on because im pretty limited to equipment. All I have is a bench press with:

4 15 pound vinyl plates

2 10 pound vinyl plates

2 8 pound vinyl plates

2 8 pound dumb-bells.

The bench press machine that i bought has a bench press bar (obviously) an arm curl pad, curl handle and a total leg developer.

I also have a 5lbs tub of whey protein (23g per scoop) and a Weider Weight Gainer supplement (670 calories per scoop and 35g of protein per scoop).

I can also post pictures if you need them.

Pm me or post if you need more details.

I'm not really after getting toned, just gaining weight and building muscle.

(very messy because my sisters were just over visiting from their moms house and they tore the place apart)

I'm only 15 years old by the way.

I also had my step dad write me up a schedule:

Monday (Chest + Triceps)
Bench Press
Skull Crushers (Arm extension)
Incline Bench
Decline Bench

Tuesday (Legs)
Back Squats
Front Squats
Leg Extensions

Wed (Rest)

Thursday (Biceps + Back)
Bent Rows
Bicep Curls

Friday (Shoulders)
Military Press (above head)
Shrugs (with barbell)
Front Raises (with dumb-bell)

Any help is appreciated. thanks.



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1/4/2008 3:00:23 PM
I will definately keep you guys updated.

Yeah, all I am after is size.

I've been the skinny kid my entire life. I eat properly, I can never gain a pound no matter what I do, so I decided to start lifting.

I'm only 5'9" and about 115pounds... Im trying anything and everything to gain weight, whether its muscle or fat.

Personal Trainer
1/4/2008 11:43:17 AM
I'd say your dad knows what he is talking about. Just make sure you're eating enough for your metabolism. If your goal is growth make sure you work hard in the gym and then repair your muscle with protein and carbs during and following your workout.

That program looks great, I wouldn't really change anything; just make sure he teaches you proper form and don't do bench press, incline press, or decline bench without a spotter (you can use dumbbells without one though).

Let us know your progress..


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