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I am starting to join gym and wanted guidance on how to go about it. I am male 34 years old... weigh 120 pounds and 5ft 8inch. I would say I am lean. I want to hit the gym to increase body mass and build muscles. I was hoping if someone can guide me on workout plan and also what and how much I should eat in order to gain the weight. Any advice on any protein shake would also be helpful....
Also, what accessories I need to buy for gym..


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5/11/2010 2:06:46 AM
Eating is one the most important events in everyone’s life.
You include protein and fatty food in your diet. Fatty food helps you to overcome your lost weight. Protein is a rich source of energy. It is also help you to gain weight.
We depend on eating the foods we eat are the sole source of our energy and nutrition. We know so much about eating we are born with the longing to eat and grown up with rich ethnicity of eating.

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10/1/2009 10:26:31 AM
Along with going to gym and taking protein
shake you need the right nutrition for
your body to be able to synthesis your
food intake and prepare your body to build

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