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I've been on Jenny Craig for the last month, I've found it to be pretty expensive. Does anyone else think so? What were your results like?


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5/15/2009 8:32:56 PM
Make your own meals. I do, and I've lost 90 lbs. I never had Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, any of those people helping me. I knew I could do it all on my own by checking out books at the library on nutrition and exercise. I have simple, frequent small meals and didn't need a gym or a personal trainer to lose all the weight.

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3/20/2009 12:26:53 PM
Body weight is a matter of only two things, calories in and calories out. There are no short cuts and no quick fixes. Jenny Craig just cooks a low calorie, nutritious meal, puts it in a box and sends it to you, then charges extra for their trouble and brand name.

What you can do with Jenny Craig (or any other diet plan)is take a good look at what they offer. The food they have is expensive, but it's just low fat, sugar reduced, high fibre food, same as you can buy anywhere if you read the labels carefully enough. Make up your own meals based on the sizes and type of food they offer, then drop the plan and do it yourself.

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3/8/2009 10:29:56 PM
Hello, what do you call expensive?? I have a fantastic weight loss product, safe and so, so easy and people are having amazing results. Are you keen to hear more??

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12/8/2008 10:38:42 AM
I've heard good things about Jenny Craig but the problem is when you go off diets like this you're not on a structured plan and you go back to gaining the weight back. Make sure you focus on EXERCISE to make sure that you build a right habit that makes it easy to keep the weight off after you go off your diet.

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