Body Building | How do i get bigger muscle and more definition?

Do a lot of drop sets with hardly know rest period in between exercise


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8/13/2012 5:07:50 AM
Working a muscle tears the tissue, it then repairs and grows. Muscles need fed in order to allow them to grow. Basically you need to eat big to get big. A good bodybuilding diet will allow you to grow without adding fat at the same time.

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10/29/2011 4:21:04 PM
Hey, to get bigger muscles you have to gain weight. I know it sounds crazy but body builder will bulk up and then cut. First your work on bulking up your muscles, gaining weight while working out, then you change your diet and cut the weight, adding definition. I would include supplements like fish oil (that's a definite one), whey protein, casein, amino acids and maybe a fat burner. Hope this helps!!

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