Diet Plans and Diet | Herbal magic worked for me, 100pounds off 2 yrs later

Okay so I see all this Herbal Magic slamming going on and had to sign up just to respond. One post stated they had lost the 30 pounds they intended but that it was a rip off. Interesting, the goal was to lose 30 pounds and you did. I went to Herbal Magic 2 years ago needing to lose 100 pounds. I have been fat my whole life and needed it to end once and for all. I tried every diet and they did not work because I was not ready. Herbal Magic worked for me because I needed to lose weight with other huge people who had lost incredible amounts of weight and that is the case at the Herbal Magic in my community. I had my naturopath check out the herbals to make sure they were safe and worked with my current regime. She supported my choice and we are both pleased with the results. No diet will work until you get your head space right. Deal with your emotional issues and you may find the weight comes naturally. I do know this I needed to eat well, move around and deal with my shit to lose weight. It has been two years and I have just started to go back and see the girls because I am up 6 pounds having just ended an incredibly stressful time in my life. Thanks Herbal Magic for helping me to take my life back!


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1/27/2015 12:51:25 PM
My friend actually bought a Herbal Magic franchise, and she told me ALL the pills that they try and push
on your for this and that and charge you a small fortune for, are ALL PLACEBOS.. NICE….

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9/23/2011 1:31:41 PM
Hi everyone: After reading all the feedback on Herbal Majic, I have dedicded not to go that way. I found a really good book that has been working for me it is called the step diet. You do not have to cut out a whole lot of food you must have to work on getting in at 3000 to 4000 steps a day, and also following the Canadian Food Guide.
So far I have lost 50lbs and have kept it off, by getting more active and follow the food guide. It is a great way and you only have to pay for the book. So thanks for the info and have a great day

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7/17/2010 11:26:22 PM
yeah me too.I guess each plan has its plus and after my daughter joint herbal magic, yes it works, but we made it straight clear from scratch, since we live in the country it will go by our rules, like no 3 times a week, etc.She joint the youth program and with her 14 years of age I was very impressed with the staff, how they explained everything and took really their time to educate my daughter in professional ways.for me personal its a bit too expensive, I can't afford the 2 of us, but I learned a lot. And the staff is even so great to advise me & support me as well.way to go Herbal magic....of course everybody has something to yapp and nag about...thank you to guide my daughter.

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