Body Building | Getting strong without equipment. or with.

I am 14 and am wondering waht exercises I can do without
without equipment? Like I want a six pack and Big arm
muscle and leg muscle. And anything else. Please help
And also what is a set and reps, and how many should I do?
Im 5'0" 85 pounds. And any other info would be nice.


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Personal Trainer
9/11/2003 7:50:08 AM
Dear Guest

Im glad to hear that your starting to think about keeping fit now. Starting early in life will help your body grow the way you want it too.

I would like you to start by reading the nurition section of this site and then you can try with a 3 day per week full body weight training program. Try this one It should help your tendons and ligaments ready for hypertrophy training which should come in 3 months after you have followed this regeme. Thanks, PT

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