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I have successfully used Dr. B's diet and clinic over the past several years. I lost a total of 88 lbs.; but of course keep gaining some of it back and keep going back on Dr. B.
I have been ill for the last year - terrible pain and vomiting once every one to three weeks - it has now been diagnosed and I am scheduled for surgery to have my gall bladder removed. All my liver function blood tests were extremely elevated. I feared the worst and thought I had liver cancer, but the news is good in comparison. There is really no known cause of gall bladder problems, but one thing that I have noted while doing internet searches is it has been found that extreme low caloric dieting can cause gall bladder and kidney stones. So beware! I'm glad I've lost the weight, but now with the illness and all the time I have been off of work,I don't think it was worth it - particularily considering the $$$$$ I paid.


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1/23/2014 8:57:27 AM
Same thing happened to me. During and after
losing weight (45) in total. I started getting really
bad pains inbetween my back shoulder blades. I
could barely sleep or bendover. I was running and
would have to stop or walk due to the pain. I had
surgery to remove gallbladder asap. when properly
diagnosed. Now I realize how common it is. They
should have warned me! Such a low caloric
program. B12B6 don't stay in your system but you
never know. KIDNEY stones I hear are worse as my
dr had them. Hair also falls out and they claim that
they never heard of it??? Just google Dr Bernstein as
he has been involved in some shaddy deals in the
past. Too bad as I did loose and regain most but
not all. You don't need injections or to be ketone
elevated. This is so bad on your kidneys and
bladder. Go to your docter first as theirs are lame.

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6/12/2011 3:05:55 PM
I did the Dr.B diet with my parents. We all lost a great deal of weight. I lost 70 lbs in three months I felt great. My Mom lost her Gall bladder as well, as did my friend on the same diet. I've heard more times then not, that people doing the Dr.B diet lose their gall bladder. My Doctor said it is because of the serious decrease in natural oils. Your body shuts down because we don't have the oil we need to function properly. Hope you're better. now.

Personal Trainer
8/31/2009 8:11:53 AM
Thank you very much for your review, we have added your statement to the initial diet review.


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