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Hey guys, I'm new, so forgive me if this isn't the place to post this.
I'm seventeen, 147lb. I'm an ectomorph with high metabolism. I just finished a muscle gaining phase and finally got that coveted six pack (yay me). On the flip side, It's covered with just enough belly fat to make it undefined, so I want a good cardio regime to deal with that.
Problem is, my workout plan has me beginning the weight loss phase in november, with the banes of all diet looming up within the next two months. Yeah, fat chance of that working (no pun intended). I also want to work on my chest and arms right now, so I will need to go through another bulk phase at some point.
Here are my Questions: 1. Should I try for a weight loss phase now and start back on the bulking during the holidays?
2. This is a two part question. Will I loss the fat by then, or will it take more then four months to see fat loss results? I know it usually takes longer, and its obvious I can't diet during Christmas and Thanksgiving successfully. So should I stay with the bulking on until next year? Personally, I would prefer not to do the latter, but please let me know!
I would also like to thank you guys for this site, its been a treasure trove!
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