Body Building | Cutting protein while on fat burners?

A friend of mine I've been trying to help out recently told me he was trying to cut protein out of his diet because "a bodybuilder friend" told him that fat burners cancel out proteins / aminos. Don't get me wrong, my first reaction was pretty non-diplomatic... but then I got to thinking that maybe there was some effect. I've never seen any suggestion that the two have any effect on one another- in fact... I've always believed the opposite (albeit indirectly) was true. Please let me know your thoughts on this matter.


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Yelm Washington Personal Trainer
4/29/2008 6:21:14 PM
Here at the university of washington, most of our runners use fat burners while taking in extra protein so that they may cut down on the fat while still building up lean muscle.

So from what I have seen coaching, is that fat burners do not effect aminos enough to justify taking proteins out of your diet.

Also proteins if takin out of your digestive system will mess you up years down the road.

Personal Trainer
4/29/2008 1:03:28 PM
Agreed, how can you build your body by cutting proteins. Also protein is extremely important for metabolism, so it would be defeating the purpose of taking fat burners in the first place... right?

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4/28/2008 3:17:47 PM
Frankly, the only connection I can make is that stated to me by someone else at a supplement store. The connection pertained more to "L-Arginine" and ephedrine. What was stated to me was that L/A (an amino as I'm sure you know, but just stating this is the connection I'm assuming was made to proteins) increases circulation by dialation of the vascular system while "ephedrine" causes constriction. I've heard of a lot of effects of ephedrine but vaso-constriction wasn't one of them. Thermogenic, brocho dialator... etc... but the vaso-constriction was a new one. This isn't to say I don't believe it- but it made me wonder if he was confusing epinepherine and ephedrine. Epinepherine is obviously a potent vaso constrictor. Ephedrine? Not sure.

So anyways, that is the only reason I've given this any clout whatsoever... because who knows... maybe someone's heard something similar or knows some facts? Frankly, protein would be about the last thing I'd cut out- it'd be like building a brick wall with no bricks.


Personal Trainer
4/28/2008 3:09:59 PM
I personally haven't heard any evidence to support that idea to cut proteins while on fat burners.

What is his theory, how does it 'cancel' proteins?


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