Diet Plans and Diet | All causes of soul-loss are subjective

A traumatic event can cause Soul-loss for one and in some cases it is a memory of bad experience. There are however distinct symptoms that can indicate the presence of a Soul-loss. Here are some cases that lead to soul-loss are

Some causes that often lead to Soul-loss in a child are:
1) A problematical or unhappy childhood
2) A change in environment, such as a change from city or from country, at an early age
3) A difficult birth or separation from the mother at young age, for instance in hospital, crèche or boarding school
4) Difficult family circumstances, divorce or death of a parent or meaningful other
5) Physical (sexual) abuse, emotional blackmail, particularly by the mother.

Some causes for soul-loss at a later age are:
1) Illnesses, accidents
2) Chronic stress
3) Loss of a dear one
4) A traumatic divorce
5) Problematic relationships
6) Frustration in personal or professional life

A particular kind of soul-loss is so-called ’soul theft’
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