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Workout Routines and Schedules

We have put together a list of the top submitted workout routines and schedules on our website. Please look below to find the best ones. These routines are used for a wide variety of purposes/goals. We have broken them down by type, level and the number of days per week you should workout. Within each workout plan you will be able to print a six week workout log to keep track of your schedule and make the most of your effort.

Best Workout Routines Schedules

Purpose Type Level Days In Plan
Ex. Monday (day 1), Tuesday (day 2), Wednesday (day 3), Thursday (day 4), Fr...HypertrophyAdvanced
Ex. Monday (day 1), Tuesday (day 2), Wednesday (day 3), Thursday (day 4/REST), F...Muscular DefinitionAdvanced
In the post-season you should be dedicated to gaining size and strength. Eating...Sport SpecificAdvanced
Please follow one of our meal plans in our nutrition section. This soccer progr...Sport SpecificAdvanced
This arm body building exercise/workout program is designed to increase biceps b...HypertrophyAdvanced
Losing fat before your wedding seems to be a common goal among brides. To do th...Muscular DefinitionAdvanced
Plyometric Exercise is very taxing group of exercises to complete. Unless you ar...PlyometricsAdvanced
This program is to develop the hip flexors which are primarily used in running, ...Muscle SpecificAdvanced
This advanced deltoid/shoulder training program is designed for 2 days per week ...Muscle SpecificAdvanced
Home workouts are usually different than other gym workouts because you don't no...Muscular DefinitionAdvanced
Training your glutes should be performed once or twice a week depending on your ...Muscle SpecificAdvanced
Bruce Lee was an amazing martial artist. He was flexible, quick and had an AMAZ...Muscular DefinitionAdvanced
In order to look like brad pitt you're going to need to 5 Days in Plan
Herschel Walker is a powerful running back that trained hard and played even har...Sport SpecificAdvanced
Hiking can be a great hobby, but when you need to take it to the next step and s...Sport SpecificAdvanced
To build a huge back you need to focus on your volume of reps and also your nutr...Muscle SpecificAdvanced
These are sample arm workouts that you can do to get big arms. Remember that yo...Muscle SpecificAdvanced
This bicep workout is designed to increase the size of your biceps and to be inc...Muscle SpecificAdvanced
Arnold Schwarzenegg...HypertrophyAdvanced
Mark Wahlberg is a tough guy and celebrity icon. He got that way as a singer wi...HypertrophyAdvanced
This program is strictly to increase your abdominal and core strength. Just lik...Muscle SpecificAdvanced
3 days per week: Monday(DAY 1), Wednesday(DAY 1), Friday(DAY 1) ...Muscular DefinitionBeginner
Complete this routine 3 days per week with a 24 hour break inbetween workouts. ...Muscular DefinitionBeginner
This is a chest workout specifically for a beginner. A beginner should focus on...Muscle SpecificBeginner
Space out your back workouts. Ie. Try this program on Monday, Wednesday and Fri...Muscle SpecificBeginner
This Inner Thigh Workout program will focus on inner thigh and overall thigh dev...Muscle SpecificBeginner
Make sure to give yourself 24-48 hours inbetween each workout routine.

Muscle SpecificBeginner
This is a basic Biceps Brachii muscle workout to begin into hypertrophy t...Muscle SpecificBeginner
This is the best full body workout for men who are just beginning working out be...Muscular DefinitionBeginner
This is a beginner back workout designed for people just getting into split rout...Muscle SpecificBeginner
This whole body 30 minute workout is a circuit routine. It allows you to do wei...Muscular DefinitionBeginner
Monday(day 1), Tuesday(day 2), Wednesday(rest), Thursday (Day1) Friday (day2), S...Muscular DefinitionIntermediate
To train your ab's (Abdominals) and obliques you need to apply weight like every...Muscular DefinitionIntermediate
This is a golf strength training program to be performed 3 times per week while ...Sport SpecificIntermediate
This dumbbell workout program is a whole body program intended for three days pe...StrengthIntermediate
This program is to specifically target the Obliques muscle. Obliques are the mu...Muscle SpecificIntermediate
Calf training should be preluded with leg training or plyometrics. Depending on...Muscle SpecificIntermediate
Rotator cuff training should occur upon shoulder days at the end of the workout....Muscle SpecificIntermediate
You can either train your deltoids with your shoulders during your deltoid worko...Muscle SpecificIntermediate
Hamstrings are important for running and pretty much every sport imaginable. Muscle SpecificIntermediate
This program is to focus on the serratus anterior, however working on this muscl...Muscle SpecificIntermediate
Ryan Reynolds works out quite hard and also plays hard. By having a naturally h...Muscular DefinitionIntermediate
This HIIT workout is an excellent way for men and women to burn as much a...Muscular DefinitionIntermediate
...Muscular DefinitionIntermediate
This workout plan is designed to build back muscles and to be done in your split...StrengthIntermediate
This Britney Spears wo...Muscular DefinitionIntermediate

These workouts/schedules have been approved by Myfit because they are of the highest quality.

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