Push Press

How to do the Push Press

This exercise is meant for overall power and strength. This exercise should only be performed if you are an advanced trainer or supervised by a spotter. Start by standing up with a barbbell in your arms across your chest. Now, dip your legs around 8-10 inches and drive upwards. Use a powerful movement to get it up to the top. Activate your shoulders and triceps to make it lock out. Lower it slowly to receive the eccentric benefits.

Spotter Information:
Stand behind the participant incase of any problems. You can spot the same way as you would while spotting a squat.

These are the muscles , equipment and categories of this exercise.

  • PRIMARY: Shoulder
  • Shoulders
  • Anterior Deltoids
  • Medial Deltoids
  • Triceps
  • Rectus Femoris

Averages for MyFit Users

The table below represents data from over 200,000 exercise logs and gives us an average for this exercise.

Average Weight LiftedAverage Reps One Rep Max Average
69.5 lbs8.6 87.2 lbs

What is a good starting weight?

Based on an average weight lifted of 69.5 lbs for all MyFit users we suggest you start at 50% of that weight:

Try 34 lbs and aim for 12-15 reps.