Pelvic Thrust

How to do the Pelvic Thrust

Start by lying down on a mat and raising your legs to 90 degrees. Now with your arms at your side raise your pelvis up while trying to keep your legs perfectly vertical. This is a difficult exercise to perform properly but do your best from the image as shown.

Spotter Information:
A spotter can be used as encouragement.

These are the muscles , equipment and categories of this exercise.

  • PRIMARY: Abdominal
  • Isolation
  • Calisthenics
  • Bodyweight
  • Home
  • Core Strength

Averages for MyFit Users

The table below represents data from over 200,000 exercise logs and gives us an average for this exercise.

Average Weight LiftedAverage Reps One Rep Max Average
16 lbs16 27.9 lbs

What is a good starting weight?

Based on an average weight lifted of 16 lbs for all MyFit users we suggest you start at 50% of that weight:

Try 8 lbs and aim for 12-15 reps.