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quadriceps, rectus femoris, thighs, inner thigh, outer thigh, quads, legs, lower body Muscle AnatomyQuadriceps or rectus femoris is perhaps one of the largest muscle groups in your body and should be trained with the same intensity as your biceps femoris or hamstrings. Quadriceps are extremely important for any athlete and should be trained in compound movements to maintain symmetry with your hamstrings.
The function of the quadriceps or Rectus Femoris are for knee extension and hip flexion.
The origin of the quadriceps attach onto the Illiac Spine of the Ilium and the lateral, anterior and medial surface of the femur.
The quadriceps insert onto the patellar tendon of the Tibia.
Training recommendations for the quadriceps should consist of many major compound exercises such as the squat, lunge, jump squat, and deadlift.


PictureName of Exercise
Hip AbductionHip Abduction Sit in machine with the inside of each thigh placed against pads. Slowly move each thigh away from the center of the body. Slowly move each thigh toward the center of the body to ...
Outer Thigh with Exercise BandOuter Thigh with Exercise Band This outer thigh exercise can be performed at home with anything stationary to wrap the elastic band around. To begin the exercise wrap the band around something and then attach i...

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