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Medial Deltoid Muscle

Working on the lateral and the posterior deltoid (shoulder) give the rounded look that most fitness exercisers desire.
The function of the lateral deltoid is for shoulder abduction, flexion and transverse abduction.
The origin is onto the lateral side of the acromion on the scapula.
The insertion is onto the lateral side of deltoid tuberosity on the humerus.
Make sure to vary the exercises between cables and freeweights to train the deltoids properly.


PictureName of Exercise
Arnold PressArnold Press The arnold press can be completed sitting or standing. To begin, grasp a dumbbell in each hand and raise the weights to top position of a dumbbell curl. As you raise the dumbbell...
Seated Shoulder Press (Elastic band)Seated Shoulder Press (Elastic band) Start with the band underneath your chair and with both hands firmly gripping both ends. Now with your arms out to the sides and your hands up in the air making a 90 deg angle (se...
Machine Military or Shoulder PressMachine Military or Shoulder Press Sit comfortably on a ball making sure your knees are ninety degrees to the floor and you are in the middle of the ball. Start with the weight at your side above your head (as show...
Push Press Push Press This exercise is meant for overall power and strength. This exercise should only be performed if you are an advanced trainer or supervised by a spotter. Start by standing up with...
Dumbbell Incline Lateral RaisesDumbbell Incline Lateral Raises Incline side raises or Lateral Incline side raises are performed seated on an incline bench with dumbbells in hand and palms ALWAYS facing the floor. Slowly bring the weight up un...

Reverse Overhead Dumbbell LateralsReverse Overhead Dumbbell Laterals
Sit down on a bench. Grasp a dumbbell in each hand and extend your arms until they are parallel with the floor and palms up. Keep a slight bend in the arms. Slowly lift your...
Side RaisesSide Raises Kneeling down with the cable behind your body, keeping your head and back straight, raise the weight to your side with a slight bend in your arm (until it is level with the ground)...
Side Raises (Elastic Band)Side Raises (Elastic Band) Stand up straight and have your hands by your side with the elastic band underneath your feet. Now with straight arms and both hands gripping either side of the band raise them by...

Forum Discussions

To reduce medial deltoid?I think I had gained too much muscle on my left side-deltoid, due to excessive carrying of my kids. Now my left shoulder (side deltoid) is bulky and really muscular. How do I thin it down to make it similar to the right shoulder? It doesn't look it's...
excercises for the deltoidsok i looked in the excercise database and from what i've seen most of the excercises concentrate on the anterior and medial deltoids. i really want to work on the lateral deltoids (the biggest out of the 3) and can't find any excercises for it. Do...
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