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The ultimate beginners go-to exercises

Machine exercises are great for beginniners as they limit the range of motion and prevention from injury. Machine exercises are excellent for hotels, home gyms or drop setting when you dont want to spend time changing the plates on the barbell.


PictureName of Machine Exercise
Hack SquatHack Squat With your body firmly under the pads and your feet slightly out raise the machine with your calves and then unhook the safeties. Now lower your body until your knees reach a 90 de...
One Legged Smith Split SquatOne Legged Smith Split Squat Stand underneath a smith machine with the bar lying against your trapezius muscles. With one leg behind your body on a bench or ball lower your body slowly using the front leg. N...
Leg PressLeg Press Position yourself on the leg press machine comfortably. Put your feet up and hands on the grips at the side. While keeping your back pressed against the support and head straight...

Forum Discussions

Non functioning gluteus maximusHello there , I am a 59 year old female who recently gave up professional ice skating to discover, following aches in the front pelvis and back that the gluteus maximus is not functioning on the right - and probably hasn't done so since a skating acc...
gluteus maximus buildingEx-Pro snow skier on crutches 20yrs. Working on programming my body to walk again. I'm finding that building my gluts is far more important for my core. Am I right? What exercises will build them the strongest?...
Best Gluteus Maximus Dumbbell ExercisesWhat are the best exercises for the Gluteus Maximus? What are the best dumbbell exercises for it?...
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