Chest Exercises


The chest is a major muscle which consists of the pectoralis major and minor. The primary function of the chest is for shoulder transverse adduction, flexion, internal rotation, adduction and extension. The origin of the chest (pectoralis major) attaches onto the anterior of the sternum and the 2nd to 6th of the ribs. The pectoralis major inserts onto the proximal anterior of the humerus. The chest muscle's main opposing muscle is the upper back muscles.

Training and Notes

  • Building chest muscles pulls your shoulders forward
  • If you are a woman you can help raise your bust with upper chest exercises
  • You activate your pectoralis anytime you push something
  • The pecs are an extremely important muscle in sports
  • Focus on all angles of pushing for complete development
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Working your chest through specific exercises will NOT reduce the man boobs you have. They will however give you more muscle mass which will help increase your BMR (basal metabolic rate) and reduce your body fat all over your body. To specifically reduce fat on your chest you need to work on upping your intensity and activity and decreasing your caloric intake.

The line is just showing that your chest muscles have 'popped' out and thus created a line down the middle. The less body fat you have the more that line will show. Even people with very little muscle mass can have a very defined nice looking chest.

The research is still out on this but you can try working on your upper chest through incline dumbbell press and close grip barbbell press. These will increase your muscle at the top of your chest and is thought* to 'lift' your boobs.