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Boost your Metabolism
Boost your metabolism with this perfect metabolism dayThe Best Daily Meal Plan to Boost Your Metabolism

Updated: January 22nd, 2014
Author: Rod Ferris, CPT, CPAFLA

7am Wakeup Time

Lipton and insulin are two hormones that determine how quickly your body turns food into energy. During this time your body has gone into starvation mode after an 8-12 hour starvation period. Eating immediately after you wake up is extremely important to increase your metabolism for the upcoming day. What should
you eat? Make sure to ingest complex carbohydrates such as oatmeal, complete protein such as an omelette full of mixed vegetables and drink green tea and water.

8 am Run Time

Your thyroid is an important gland to activate at this point in the morning. Going for an early run causes this gland to increase the production of hormones that control your metabolism. How to run? A quick 20 minute run on the treadmill at 65% of your maximum heart rate (MHR) will increase your metabolism for the whole day. Also try 5 bursts of HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training which can increase your fat burning capacity. Make sure to have some nuts (almonds or cashews) and yogurt immediately after with a small scoop of whey protein.

10 30 Snack Time

You've felt the hunger pains at this point in the morning; hunger pains are a bad sign of wasting muscle and a sign of your body's fat storing mode kicking in. What to eat? Scarf down some cottage cheese, sliced bell peppers with flaxseed meal and an apple or orange.

12 Noon

Testosterone and ghrelin are affected at this point in the day. Your testosterone which was highest in the morning has dipped and needs to be recharged. What to eat? Salmon or Tuna with low fat cheese and a spinich salad (perhaps with the salmon and tuna on top) with water or another green tea.

230 pm

Testosterone is getting low again and needs to be spiked. This can be accomplished by a competition of some type. What to do? On your work break go for a walk up some stairs to a pool table, ping pong table or another type of arcade game to compete with other males/females. Winning a game spikes testosterone and can keep your body in the fat burning zone. What to eat? Make a smoothie and add mixed frozen berries, flaxseed meal , plain natural yogurt, a scoop of greens plus, vanilla whey protein isolate and a banana.

400 pm The Daily Workout

Your workout should consist of High Intensity Interval Training, Compound exercises such as squats, deadlifts or bench press and supersets and dropsets to fatigue your muscles. What to sip on: a combination of water, whey protein isolate, dextrose and maldextrose. This combination helps with protein systhesis and keeps your body in an anabolic state

500pm After Workout Shake

Your body needs simple carbohydrates and complete protein immediately after a workout for complete recovery. What to eat 25g of dextrose and maldextrose and whey protein isolate (20 g) mixed together.

600pm Dinner

Grab a wild pacific salmon and throw it together with some quinoa and mixed vegetables. Drink one glass of red wine and water.

730-10pm Munchies

You're itching for some bad food, allow yourself half a small bag of popcorn and drink plenty of water with it. Also eat some cut up vegetables like celery and bell peppers. Around 8pm have two scoops of cottage cheese. Supplements: Fish oil, magnesium, vit C

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